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 Tournois griffball halo tracker

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MessageSujet: Tournois griffball halo tracker   Tournois griffball halo tracker Icon_minitimeDim 19 Fév - 13:43

Tournois griffball halo tracker Grifballtourney

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Date: Sunday 26th February (signups end at Midnight EST on Friday 24th February)
Time: 2pm EST (7pm GMT)
Maximum 64 teams, single elimination
Maximum 6 rounds
Prizes: TBC


(1) Things you are allowed to do within the game = T-BAGGIN (its not cheating, if you kill someone feel free to drop in on there head :-) )
YOINK KILLS ( if someone is assassinating feel free to steal it, this is a Tournament alls fair in WAR )
SPAWN KILL (There is no 3 second can't touch me rule, if they are on the map kill them)

(1a) Things you are NOT allowed t do within the game = LAG SWITCH ( you will be instantly disqualified )
AIM BOT ( we've heard of people using it, we hope no one does as you will be instantly disqualified)

(2) No abusive language towards other players in an unsportsmanlike conduct ie - no racist remarks, the tournament is supposed to be fun so enjoy it with the community. ( REMEMBER you have the option to mute players so if your easily offended I would encourage you to do so)

(3) Remember in Objective type matches that achieving the Objective should be the primary goal. (While killing is necessary to achieve this goal one should not kill whore with a 2-0 lead for the remainder of the time in the match)

(4) If lagged out of your game, you are to contact your assigned staff party leader and he/she will try to slot you into another pool of players if you wish to continue with the tournament. HOWEVER we will check the video for any signs of rage quitting and also ask your group about your attitude during the game, if you were complaining of lag fair enough nothing will be said, But if you were raging because you couldn't kill and talking about rage quitting you will not be allowed to continue with the tournament.

(5) Rage quitting out of games is fine but it will count as you forfeiting the game and being out of the tournament.

(6) No armor effects please as we want to reduce the chance of lag in game as much as possible. You will all be asked to switch them off, the game will not start until they have been.

(7) Captains are responsible for gathering their teams for the tournament

This is a Grifball Tournament so as soon as your game begins CRUSH, KILL and DESTROY the other team. (lol have fun and bring your A game)

Please remember guys and girls this is supposed to more fun than anything so enjoy the games. Play hard and play fair. Sengir79 and Anubis will be enforcing these rules.If you break them we will review any evidence and make a decision. In the interest of speed and fairness to the other teams our decisions are final. We want this to be a great tournament and it will be if you all play fair without cheating.

If you have a complaint or issue with one of your games or your overall match you should contact your Host. If the Host fails to resolve the issue to your satisfaction you should contact the Tournament Administrators which are Anubis and Sengir79. They will have final say in the matter for the purposes of this Tournament. If you feel your issue is still unresolved you should then proceed to send a PM through HTR to the site Administrator Xorth.
WARNING: DO NOT Spam Xorth or the Tournament Admins with PM's or XBL Messages. They take our Tournaments very seriously and will get back to you ASAP.
WARNING: DO NOT Spam the HTR Chat Box with your complaint or insulting language. This will lead to at least a 24hr Chat Box ban at a minimum.

Doing either or both of these could result in you being banned from future HTR Tournaments

The Tournament Administrators reserve the right to change any rule at any time to create a better experience for all players involved.

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Tournois griffball halo tracker
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